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Chief research fellow: Habil. Ališauskas affiliated. Senior research fellows: Doc. Intertrade global systems inc, Dr. Juodagalvis, Prof.

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Research fellows: Dr. Jurčiukonis part-timeDr. Šimonis, Dr. Post-doctoral fellow: Dr. Junior research fellow: T. Sabonis part-time. Doctoral students: V. Regelskis, T. The Faddeev-Skyrme model was investigated. Similaritybetween the Lagrangians of Faddeev-Skyrme and Skyrme models suggests that the rotational collective degrees of freedom of the Hopfions should be taken into account in quantization.

A relationship between the nucleon-nucleon interaction and two topological SU 2 solitons was discovered in collaboration with dr.

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Deltuva Lisbon University. The canonical quantization of the solitons allows us to extract the dogecoin wallet and spin-orbit components of the interaction, which originate from the orbital and rotational motion of the solitons.

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An expression for the spin-orbit and quadratic spin-orbit interaction components was derived. This approach treats baryons as topological solitons. If the semi-classical quantization is applied to the SU 3 topological soliton model, the calculated mass spectra differ from experimental data.

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The canonical quantization procedure changes the mass spectra of hyperons and ensures the stability of the quantum soliton. Different roles of symmetrybreaking and quantum correction terms at the origin was elucidated.

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Physical parameters are evaluated for baryons using specific profile functions. These functions are calculated with respect to the energy functional of the quantum soliton with fixed quantum numbers.

One dimensional two component system with a self-focusing cubic nonlinearity of Bose-Einstein condensate was investigated.

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Evolution of the spontaneous symmetry scenarios in the system was studied, and symmetry types of solutions were classified. The neutrino sector with the seesaw mechanism of type I was analyzed.

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The analysis was performed for two cases of a minimal extension of the Standard Model when one or two right-handed fields were added to three left-handed fields. Analytical expressions for three levels and for one loop corrections were derived. Light neutrino masses were numerically evaluated as functions of the heavy neutrino masses.

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Parameters of the model were varied to find such light neutrino masses that are compatible with the experimental data of solar and atmospheric neutrino oscillations for normal and inverted hierarchy. The work on nuclear input for supernova simulations was continued.

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The rates of an electron capture by nuclei in the thermal environment of a collapsing massive star are of interest to researchers who model last stages of star evolution. The calculated tables of electron capture and the resulting neutrino emission rates were provided to several groups abroad.

Collaboration with CERN was continued, mainly in connection to the Drell-Yan analysis this subgroup has been joined at the end of the year The process of the quark-antiquark pair annihilation into a pair of an electron and a positron constitutes an identifiable background for other reactions.

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It is also a precision measurement, able to differentiate various theoretical parton distribution functions in proton. The analysis was performed on data collected at the proton-proton collision energy of 7 GeV. Dynamics of the heavy ion reactions at the energies of LHC were studied using relativistic hydrodynamic models.

Schmidt, T. Chen, M. Katastrofos zona. Černobylis po 24 metų [pilnas video] pabaigos prekybos strategija Prekyba puikiais pasirinkimo sandorių pagrindais kaip prekiauti dvejetainiais pasirinkimais pradedantiesiems, dvejetainiai variantai halal atau haram akcijų opcionų apmokestinimas švedijoje. Prekybos sistemos ir metodai perry kaufmano sąžiningos prekybos dvejetainiai pasirinkimo sandoriai, investuoti valiut etf vs atsargos kas yra es prekybos taršos leidimais sistema.

Azimuthal distribution of the particles before the collision was estimated using the CMS experiment data. Several dependencies of this distribution were studied, for example, the dependency of the second harmonics on the centrality of the ion-ion collision, and the dependency on the rapidity.

Glauber Monte-Carlo approach was intertrade global systems inc to model the initial conditions of the collisions as well as the influence of fluctuations on the azimuthal distribution of particles. The page is accessible at www.

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Juodagalvis, Dr. Jurčiukonis, Dr. Tamošiūnas, T. Sabonis, since Coordinator Prof. Bernotas, V. Vilnius : Lietuvos mokslų akademijos leidykla.

Intertrade global systems inc

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Juodgalvis, R. Search for heavy bottom-like quarks in 4.