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In this case, UEs have free access to the femtocell, because there is no differentiation in allowed and not allowed Closed Subscriber group CSG. In the Hybrid model, the femtocell equipment is provided by a company for an individual owner.

In this particular case, the UEs belonging to the CSG list have some privileges on the access to the femtocell; however customers not belonging to the CSG list can access the femtocell with restrictions. Others are prohibited from accessing the Femtocell. These three types of access are described in more details below, showing the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Social Technologies. Figure 4.

The representation seen in Figure 4 shows a device connected to a macro cell, which enters within the femtocell coverage, and automatically updates its connection to the femtocell. The users are always connected to the strongest server macro cell or femtocell avoiding cross-tier interference, so the throughput of the network increases.

Inside homes or companies, this type of femtocells will be deployed in random locations. Being self-organization would be a good solution to minimize mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija negative impact of femtocells in other cells.

On the other hand, when deployments are done by an operator, interference can be mitigated through the network planning and optimization. The location, power and frequencies assigned to each femtocell can in this case be planned in advance.

However, open access has some drawbacks as well, the biggest of which is the reduction of the performance of the femtocell owner, due to the sharing of the femtocell resources with non-subscribers.

Moreover, open access increases substantially the amount of handovers between cells due to the movement of outdoor users. A user moving into a residential area handovers from one femtocell to another, or to the macro cell.

This will have a negative impact on the operator network because it increases the dropping probability of the call due to failure in the handover process. Different solutions have been proposed in which a centric sensing of the radio channel Tiago Carvalho Moreira, Michele Albano, Ayman Radwan, Jonathan Rodriguez.

Alvaro Gomes. Business Model for Before open femtocells are widely deployed, research is required in order to support new algorithms to handle more neighbours and their different nature in a fast manner [26]. Nevertheless, open femtocells reduce the load of the macrocell network, and are advantageous for the network operators, who can either support new mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija or save money in the macrocell operational costs, for instance by saving power.

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Closed access In closed access mode, only mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija subset of the users Mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategijawhich is defined by the femtocell owner, can connect to the femtocell.

If a non-subscriber enters in the femtocell coverage See Figure 4 the user cannot connect because the user does not have permission. Nowadays, the closed model is the preferred model by customers for home femtocells. This decision is related to the full control of the femtocells and the list of authorized users.

By law, femtocells must be able to perform emergency calls by everyone, even if not on the list of users of femtocell. This feature implies that some resources have to be released to non-subscribers, which is a minor drawback of this model. The main problem mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija the closed method is the interference between femtocells.

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To reduce this problem, the power radiated by the femtocell must be auto configurable to ensure that coverage is sufficient for subscribers and minimizes interference with neighbouring femtocells and macrocells.

This can be done through self-optimizing the femtocell radiated power, where each femtocell sets its power to a value that on average is equal to the received signal strength from the closest macrocell at a target femtocell radius. Another solution is the use of sector antennas in the FAPs Femtocell Access Point to minimize the overlapping of coverage areas [26].

The selection of an access control mechanism mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija femtocells has direct effects on the performance of the overall network, mainly due to its role on the definition of interference, so their features must be carefully studied.

Both access methods open and closed suffer from advantages and disadvantages, which can be seen in Table 2. Table 2. Closed vs. The impact that subscribers might feel that they are paying for a service that is exploited by others must be minimized in terms of performance or via economic advantages, like offer services or reducing costs [26].

Hybrid access In this type of access, the femtocell provides not only authorization to CSG, but also to users who do not belong to CSG. Therefore, CSG members have special priority over other users. This means that users who belong to CSG have priority in connecting to femtocell and also have a guaranteed minimum QoS.

On the other hand, users out of CSG have limited QoS and when services cannot be provided to CSG users, due an interruption of femtocell resources, it shall be possible to continue the communication in another cell.

To minimize the impact of connections of users not belonging to CSG, it is possible for the network to reduce the data rate of established communications of non-CSG users [25]. There are many possible solutions to defining the hybrid model, i.

Figure 5. For each particular mobile system Mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija, UMTS, LTEthe average throughput and QoS per user can be increased deploying more small cells or sectors, cell sectorisation and optimizing the radio network, particularly minimizing the interference.

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One of the most attractive characteristics of the Hybrid access femtocells assumed private to the mobile operator is that it can provide a high quality of service at low expenses no site rent. In fact, if the operator is also a fixed network operator, Hybrid access femtocells can increase its revenue providing xDSL connections that support the femtocells. The main drawback of mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija open access public instead of closed access private is the high number of HO that may result to provide the continuity of the service to a user with high mobility.

This fact implies a significant increase of signaling data in the network, higher call drop probability and lower QoS. Next section shows an alternative goal, which is saving energy on the mobile terminal side.

To understand the role of the femtocell solution as a player in the mobile value chain, it is necessary to analyze which function each player has. With this approach and by analyzing the whole mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija chain, the mobile virtual network operator seems to mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija the closest function related to the femtocell deployments. In fact, the femtocell solution cannot be seen as a content provider or content aggregator, because it does not provide any different content than actual macrocells to subscribers.

On the other hand, it shall provide voice and data services, which is the main role of an MVNO.

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Finally, subscribers of femtocells have the role of consumers in the value chain, who only receive and use the service provided by femtocells. Concluding, the femtocell offers a number of important benefits for both consumers and operators.

These benefits come without requiring users to make changes in their mobile terminals, due to the fact that the network femtocell technology is the same as the macro cell. For mobile operators, the use of femtocells brings new ways to offer attractive services for femtocells users, and represents a high cost effective way of increasing both network coverage and capacity at consumer homes.

C2POWER aims at leveraging on two novel techniques vertical handovers and cooperative relaying to realize energy saving on the terminal mančesterio didmiesčio universiteto tvarumo strategija. In particular, it considers Femtocells as a new network access type, and integrates it into existing long-range RATs.

The visiting mobile terminal will save energy, and both the Network Operator controlling the femtocell and the user who is sharing a broadband access will get revenues. However, in a few cases e. In this section we exemplify this alternative view by showing how a business model can be used to promote power efficiency on mobile equipments.

Figure 6. After deploying the femtocell equipment at home, John verifies that his femtocell provides coverage in the neighborhood of his house. Figure 7. Indoor and Outdoor femtocell coverage 5. Conclusions A akcijų pasirinkimo sandoriai personalfinance reddit business model is needed to make a company prosper by attracting customers, and by converting customer payments into profits.

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This paper considers the telecommunication industry, and analyzes the role of the different actors in the overall value chain when proposing the introduction of femtocells into the scenario. A business model is provided, to show how both the network operator and the user can obtain benefit by the novel architecture. The role of a business model in C2POWER is both to encourage network operators and users to adopt the solution, and to implement an energy saving policy in the system.

Future work will provide further study on the C2POWER approach by means of simulations and of techno-economic analysis, 6. References Rappa.

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Femtocells Technologies and Deployment, Wiley, Femtocelių verslo modelis: energijos taupymo frančizė Tiago Carvalho Moreira Telekomunikacijų institutas, PT Inovacijos, Portugalija, tiago-c-moreira ext.

Verslo modelis yra pagrindinė priemonė siekiant, kad nauja technologija neštų pelną. Jos aprašymas gali būti naudojamas išryškinant naujos vartotojų naudojamos architektūros pranašumus.

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Turint tokį tikslą svarbu į verslo modelį pažvelgti kritiškai ir pasverti, į kurią vertės kūrimo grandinę konkreti technologija gali būti įtraukta. Aprašytame scenarijuje mes analizuojame judriojo ryšio pramonę ir viena iš pagrindinių analizuojamų temų yra skirtingų veikėjų, kurie atsiranda vertės grandinėje, vaidmuo ir poveikis, kurį Social Technologies.

Šiuo metu femtocelių tinklai pristato naują technologiją, sukurtą siekiant praplėsti judriojo ryšio veikimo zoną uždarose erdvėse. Vartotojo namuose išdėstomos mažos bazinės stotelės su plačiajuosčio interneto prieiga.

Taikant šią technologiją judriojo ryšio operatoriai savo vartotojams gali teikti geresnės kokybės paslaugas uždaroje erdvėje. Pasirinkus šį technologinį sprendimą tinkamas verslo modelis turi parodyti, kaip judriojo telefono ryšio operatoriai pritaikę minėtą technologiją gali gauti pajamų. Verslo modelis gali padėti siekti skirtingų tikslų. Mes svarstome, kaip vartotojas gali veikti kaip mobiliojo virtualaus tinklo operatorius MVNO angl.

skirtumas tarp akcijų pasirinkimo sandorių ir ribotų akcijų suteikimo usidirbti pinig kriptovaliuta internete

Mobile Virtual Network Operator suteikiant ryšį su kitu mobiliuoju įrenginiu, dalindamasis jo plačiajuosčio ryšio prieigos femtocelių sprendimu. Raktažodžiai: verslo modeliai, bendradarbiavimas, vertės grandinė, tinklo dalijimas.

Each case corresponds to a business idea for starting-up a social enterprise either agricultural co-operative or co-operative enterprise in the region.

The first phase of this project is to assess the viability of each business idea, and the second phase is to monitor the social start-ups as they are taking off. This paper was prepared after the completion of the first phase while an IT application was considered as a vehicle to use the proposed method for monitoring the newly created social enterprises.

It is expected that social enterprises are considered for financial aid according to this ranking. Furthermore, the rightness of the assessment is a matter of time—as it is going to be validated after the project completion.

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